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Ontario has a new Sprint Car Series! Please enjoy our website, thanks for visiting and we’ll see you at our races!

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2022 Schedule

Friday, May 28, 2022

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Saturday,  August 6, 2022

Friday, August 26, 2022

Saturday October 1, 2022

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Race Results

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Points Standings

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Car Rules:

1: Car must look close to a traditional sprint car. No “Coupe” type bodywork on roll cage. No wings or wing trees/posts. Regular winged teams must gear clamp their wing sliders to the top of the cage.
2: Engine must be a North American made, pushrod type, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, small block V8 no larger than 410 Cubic inches. Methanol fuel only. Anti corrosion fuel additives only are allowed. All fuel additives must be approved by OTS Race Director/ OTS Committee.

2022 News & Press Release

Southern Ontario Motor Speedway,
once upon a time known as South
Buxton Raceway has had and, is
having a very unique and exciting
association with sprint cars, winged and non-winged. South Buxton Raceway, as it was known back then was the first speedway in Ontario
Full Story…

Ontario Traditional Sprints Coming To Southern Ontario Motor Speedway
There’s a new, “old school racing” series coming to town this weekend May 13-14, 2022

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Frequently Asked


Check back again please! If you have a question for the OTS or non wing sprint car racing please contact us. We hope to answer more questions here in the future!

Is there a Membership fee?

Yes. We have in place a $50.00, driver only, Annual membership fee with a one race grace period to decide if your Team would like to race with us again or not.

What engine size is allowed?

Any North American manufactured V8, on Methanol, fits the rules providing the engine is no larger than 410 cubic inches, has only one injector nozzle per cylinder, only one spark plug per cylinder, only 2 valves per cylinder and the valves are operated via pushrods.

Are alcohol carbs allowed?


What tires are allowed?

ANY, sprint car specific tire, on any corner, is allowed.

Do you have a point fund?

We are presently working on a few potential Marketing Partnerships and we hope to build a satisfying point fund in the near future.

Will the OTS acquire race dates outside of Ontario?

That is not on our agenda for the near future but possibly someday.

Are “winged” cars allowed?

Absolutely! All winged Teams need to do is remove their wing stands/trees and clamp their wing cylinders to the top of their roll cages with a gear clamp.

Do cars need to have “full containment seats”?

No. If a car does not have a full containment seat then the OTS wants a driver to be protected with a sprint car “net” on both sides of the seat.

Are axle/kingpin tethers and torsion bar arm retainers mandatory?

Axle/kingpin tethers/ torsion bar retainers are not mandatory for 2022. They may become mandatory in future racing seasons.

How can a 400hp crate engined sprint car compete with a 850hp 410 engined sprint car?

It comes down to several factors, but mostly track conditions. Where a 410 driver will need to lift early heading for the corner, a crate driver will be able to stay wide open longer before arriving at the actual corner. A crate engined car could be a huge advantage when the track becomes slick at the end of a race night. The trick for a 410 Team is to be able to adjust their car to be able to use as much power as possible. That is not always easy to do.

What speeds can be achieved?

Non wing sprint cars arrive at speed from center of the corners to around, typically, just past the middle of a straightaway before the driver needs to begin to get ready to make it through the next corner. A non wing driver will typically need to lift before a winged driver would. We expect to see between 100 and 120mph at our races or more.

How much stagger, tilt do non wing cars have?

Less than winged cars.