About Us

Desire seemed to be moving at the same time in different parts of Ontario in 2021. In the South Western end, John Watson Racing’s Ian Hunter was taking one of their Teams cars out to Southern Ontario Motor Speedway in South Buxton ON and turning practice laps on Friday nights. At the same time Dick Mahoney, North of Toronto, Ex-Vice President of the Southern Ontario Sprints and Kenny Bayliss, Niagara area ex owner of the old OTS were hot on the phone discussing launching a new Ontario based non wing sprint car series. After a few weeks of texts, emails and phone calls the three gents got together and decided to attempt to launch a new open engine, open tire, non-winged sprint car series. Tracks were contacted, race dates negotiated and in a short time a small schedule was created. For 2022, Ontario had a new Sprint Car Series! Please enjoy our website, thanks for visiting and we’ll see you at our races!

Board of Directors

Ian Hunter
Dick Mahoney
Pit Steward
Dean St. Dennis
Race Co-ordinator
Frank Baranowski
Pit Registration
Ali May Clarke 
Pit Registration
Terri Watson