Rules & Memberships


Car Rules:

1: Car must look close to a traditional sprint car. No “Coupe” type bodywork on roll cage. No wings or wing trees/posts. Regular winged teams must gear clamp their wing sliders to the top of the cage.
2: Engine must be a North American made, pushrod type, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, small block V8 no larger than 410 Cubic inches. Methanol fuel only. Anti corrosion fuel additives only are allowed. All fuel additives must be approved by OTS Race Director/ OTS Committee.
3: Any sprint car tire brand allowed.
4: No cockpit-controlled shocks, torsion bars or weight jackers.
5. Its suggested cars have front axle and kingpin tethers for 2022. This will become mandatory in the future.
6. No traction control devices/systems allowed.

Driver safety:

1: Helmet must be fully enclosed and at least Snell 2010 rated. No motorcycle helmets.
2: Fire retardant head sock, and full underwear mandatory.
3: Driving suit must be a minimum of 2 layers of fire-retardant material.
4: Fire retardant gloves, socks and proper sprint car racing shoes mandatory.
5: Head/neck restraint system mandatory.
6: Arm restraints mandatory.
7: Minimum 5-way seat belt system no more than two years old.
8: Full containment seat and knee guards are highly recommended.
9: Sprint car nets mandatory on both sides of car if seat is not a full containment unit.
10: Teams must have in their pit at least one of either a water fire extinguisher or a multichemical fire extinguisher, however, one of each is highly recommended.


Drivers are responsible for their Team associates. OTS Officials will only discuss discrepancies with a Team’s driver. OTS Officials are not to be threatened or touched or penalties will be assessed.
Drivers are expected to attend Driver’s Meetings.

Race Procedures

Push Off:

One per race. If a second push off is needed, you go to the tail. Anyone late to be pushed off for their race starts tail. If your belts come loose, stop by a Track Official to get them fastened again. Race will be restarted and you won’t lose your position.

Yellow Flag:

Stopping/spinning out/360 spin, you go to the tail.

Red Flag:

Stop. Don’t pass crash site. All “REDS” are closed.

Black Flag:

Disqualified. Pit and we’ll try and rectify the issue with you.


Starts are at white line in corner four. Cars must be nose to tail for start. Jumping the start will cause a restart and you’ll be put a row back.

Restart Lineups:

Single wide nose to tail. Restarts determined by last completed lap. Lapped cars will hold their positions.


Restarts at line in four. No passing before the line in 4 and you must be nose to tail. Passing before the line in 4 will cost you two positions. No hanging back.

Designing your own track:

Running off the racing surface will get you docked two positions for every car you pass.

Flat Tires:

If you can get to your pit with a flat, you can re-enter the race at the next yellow flag.

Race Format:

No time trials. Pill draw dictates starting position in heats. Eight lap (8) heat races. Top three (3) from each Heat redraw for A Main 1 to 10 starting positions. Over 24 cars will necessitate a B Main. B Main starting positions determined by Heat race finishes. If a car couldn’t start its Heat, it can start tail in the B Main. Alternates can be used to fill vacancies that occur from the first non-qualified cars. No alternates may enter the A Feature after the green waves. B Mains are twelve (12) laps. A Mains are twenty-five (25) laps.